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  • How to repair an Xbox 360 Slim RF board

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    How to repair an Xbox 360 Slim RF board

    How to become a member of the HGC Make a $5.00 Donation that is not used with any other offers of Giveaways and you will receive a Free 1 Year membership that will allow you to when all my Instant Giveaways for members only.

    To gift threw PayPal exactly $5.00 Gift it to

    If you do not have a PayPal account go to my website by clicking this link

    At the bottom of the page you will find a PayPal Donation button click it and you will be able to Donate using any Credit /ATM card or even E-Check Enter $5.50 (The extra .50 is to cover the transaction Fee charged to me) if you round off your Donation to $6.00 I will give you 1 extra free entry in my 1 in 500 customer drawing for the Brand new 4G Slim or $200 in cash drawing I will also give 1 extra free entry in my 1 in 500 customer drawing for the Brand new 4G Slim or $200 in cash drawing for ever $1.00 you add to your Donation.

    You can also send your Donation By Mail to:
    Clovis Xbox Repair
    Licenses# BL10117523
    1470 Keats Ave
    Clovis, CA. 93611

    Make all checks or money orders payable to Clovis Xbox Repair and right Donation on the Check or money order Use a printer or print very, very clearly your Name, Phone# and E-mail so I can send you a confirmation that you’re Donation was received and to send you your Member ID that will be used to win my instant Game systems I Giveaways on the HGC

    NOTE: If you mail cash you should rap it in your printed name so it cannot be seen in the envelope as I will not be responsible for receiving an empty envelope or not receiving the envelope.

    Note: “I do not do internet marketing so you will never receive junk or spam emails Ever!” and “I will never sale or give your information to anyone for any reason Ever!” you will also never receive a phone call from me unless your Email will not work or you have not responded to a email letting you know you was a winner in a giveaway.

    You should visit the fundraiser section so you will know What Gift Giveaways I offer so you can decide What Gifts you can ask for or Receive for your Support

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    Thank you Daniel of the HGC

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