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  • How To Make A World Record Paper Airplane Glider

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    I got tired of seeing nooby paper airplanes on YouTube, so I thought I would share some of my expertise with the community. This is an amazing world record paper airplane that is simple to make and easy to fly!

    Tips for flying:
    - The loop that is cut into the tail at the end of the video is crucial for stable flight. Avoid creasing this loop.
    - The plane is meant to ‘spread’ a bit for greater surface area and extended gliding ability, so don’t try to force it to stay rigid, and definitely don’t tape anything together.
    - Hold the plane from the fuselage like you would a normal paper airplane, and throw with a gentle but straight-line launch. Experiment with faster throws once you have mastered the moderate speed throw.
    - Once you start to get bored with it, invert the loop so it rejoins with the body of the fuselage (don’t tape it down though), and try flying the plane upside down.

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