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  • How to Kiss Someone Good Night

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    You’ve had a great date and now it’s time to say good night; why don’t you seal it with a kiss?

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    Step 1:
    At the end of the date, walk your date home.

    Step 2:
    Survey the area to make sure that you two are alone.

    Step 3:
    Read your date’s body language — are they interested?

    Replay the date in your mind. Steady eye contact and repeated physical contact is a good sign that your date’s into you.

    Step 4:
    Set the mood by telling your date you had a great time and that you’d like to do it again some time.

    Step 5:
    Make your move when there’s a nervous pause in the conversation.

    Don’t wait too long; there’s a very short window of opportunity here.

    Step 6:
    Lean slowly toward your date and give them a gentle kiss on the cheek. If this is well received, you can go for the lips, but use restraint.

    If your date turns their cheek in disinterest, thank them for a nice night, and leave.

    Step 7:
    Say good night and walk away. Don’t forget to look back and wave for maximum effect.

    Did You Know?
    There are 100 times more nerve endings in your lips than there are in your fingertips.

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