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  • How to Install a Fish Arrow Point (so it never comes off) + Bowfishing bloopers

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    We bowfish around a lot of rocks and concrete. Much to my surprise the solid fiberglass fish arrows hold up extremely well, even being shot point-blank into solid rock just under the surface of the water.

    We also learned early on that a glued-on fish arrow point will not stay glued on after a bunch of head-on collisions with solid rock. The glue would break down from multiple impacts and the head would fall off. The solution we came up with was to pin the arrow head to the solid fiberglass shaft.

    This video has a bunch of example footage of arrow-abusing bowfishing shots and then a how-to video of my technique for pinning the arrow head to the shaft.

    There’s one last shooting video at the end for those you who watch to the end. Don’t forget to click the “Like” button and please subscribe to my Channel.


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