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  • How to Get Someone to Kiss You

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    Is there someone you like, but the person doesn’t see you that way—or doesn’t see you at all? What you need is a plan to get your would-be lover to kiss you.

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    Step 1: Pick the right time
    Pick the right time. Ideally, this is when you two have some privacy so that shyness or fear of rejection doesn’t loom so large.

    Step 2: Set the mood
    Set the mood. If you’re trying to get someone to see you as more than a friend, arrange to spend some time with them in an intimate setting.

    If you’re both of drinking age, loosen the person’s inhibitions with a little booze—emphasis on ‘little.’ You want them relaxed, not drunk.

    Step 3: Take a hands-on approach
    Signal your interest with a subtle hands-on approach—look for opportunities to make subtle physical contact with the object of your affection.

    Step 4: Drop hints
    Sprinkle the conversation with tasteful, not crude, sexual innuendo to send the signal that you see the person as more than a friend.

    Step 5: Close in
    Begin moving your body closer and closer to the object of your affection. If the person doesn’t instinctively move back to restore the distance, you’re ready to come in for the kill.

    Step 6: Look to the lips
    Focus on the other person’s lips and—slowly, sensually—bring your lips to theirs.

    Step 7: Cut your losses
    Keep going. This may be just the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

    Did You Know?
    Anthropologists believe kissing evolved from the practice of mothers chewing up food before passing it an infant’s mouth.

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