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  • How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket | MisterEpicMann

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    Traffic cops will get you every time. ThirdStringKicker wants to help…

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    Hello. My name is Nick. But you probably know me as Misterepicmann. Or Shirley. But that’s a story for another time. I joined YouTube back in 2009 with no real expectations other than to be myself on camera. Right now I am pursuing a degree in cinematic arts at college and I certainly hope to use that knowledge to make movies one day (Spitting water at my roommate and riding a broom around the room doesn’t count…lolz). I currently own a company called Lost Light Films which is my primary focus after school and I hope I can merge my efforts into that company once school is completed…if I actually pass. You should totes check out the site for it though. I’ll put a link at the bottom of the page. Anyways, I’ve literally just written an essay. I never write essays. Gross. Hit me up on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. I try to respond to all my YouTube buds. Take it easy.

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    How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket | MisterEpicMann

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