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  • How To: Easy Parallel Parking

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    A tutorial on how to parallel park easily and safely. Please note that, depending on the laws of your country/state/province/etc. you may or may not have the right to take off your seat belt while backing up.
    Lining up the other’s car plate in the middle of your window works very well for most “normal sized” cars (Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, etc.) The only thing that changes for larger (longer) or smaller cars, is where in your car’s window you see the other car’s plate. For a normal sized car, you see the plate in the middle of your window. For a longer car, you have to see the plate more to the right of your window (you back up a bit less), for a smaller car, more to the left (you back up a bit more).
    PLEASE NOTE: This video was done in Quebec, so it works for Quebec exams (that’s if you’re watching it to prepare for you exam of course). Some things may differ in your country/province/state as far as exam requirements go.

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