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  • How to Create a Diagonal Bow Braid

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    Our viewers have asked for this tutorial ever since they saw a glimpse of it on Bailey way back when we introduced The Bow Braid {} in May 2012.

    Making the bows really is not that difficult once you get the hang of it… our viewers were actually stumped trying to figure out where to get the hair for the bows. That is the main purpose of this tutorial.

    Enjoy, and feel free to share!!

    Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair elastic, 1 hair pin, hairspray {if desired}.

    Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes

    Skill Level: Hard

    To see step-by-step instructions and more photos of this style, please visit…

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    Music: Icing
    by Charity Vance (
    iTunes Link:
    License: Personal emailed permission from Charity herself.

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