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  • How to clean a throttle body and Idle air control valve (iac)

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    In this video demonstration, I show how to get to, remove, clean, and replace the throttle body and idle air control motor (aka IAC) on a 4.2l ford motor. This procedure is the same for any fuel injected vehicle.

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    The vans require removal of alot more stuff just to access the throttle body.

    A dirty IAC can cause a rough idle. A dirty throttle body can harm performance and cause rough engine operation.

    When the throttle body or iac is removed a new gasket must be used to properly seal the connection to the intake.

    GM idle air motors are generally mounted on the throttle body and can be cleaned without removal from the throttle body. This means one less gasket and a lesser chance of creating a vacuum leak.

    The ford throttle body had a note on it that said it was not to be cleaned because the coating on the throttle blade might be damaged. Thats fine for a new car but that has to be disregarded when working on something that has some miles on it.

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    * * * Definitions: * * *
    MAF – Mass Air Flow sensor – Monitors the amount of air the engine is intaking.
    IAT – Intake Air Temperature – Measures the temperature of the air the engine is intaking.
    IAC – Idle air control – Controls the amount of air the engine is intaking while it is idling.
    Throttle body – Responsible for regulating flow of air into the engine as you press the gas pedal.
    TPS – Throttle position sensor – Tells the computer how far you are opening the blade in the throttle body so it can add more fuel to compensate the added air.

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