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  • How I Sketch Poses

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    I wanted to show how I sketch the body really quickly and come up with poses. I have seen a lot of good methods for drawing the ‘skeleton’ figure, especially the one by Andrew Loomis, but I feel it takes me a bit too much time to do this, especially if I am drawing 30 second gestures… So I created my own method of drawing with ‘lightning bolts’ for arms and legs that help me place the muscles. You still need a fundamental understanding of drawing the figure for this to be useful… Also I’m not sure if this is the best way of drawing… I haven’t learned how to properly do gesture drawings… But it works for me and maybe it can work for you!

    Autodesk SketchBookPro
    Camtasia Studio
    Wacom Intuos 12×9

    Music composed by Nancy Tsai

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