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  • How I Met Your Mother

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    An epic tale of how I met your mother…

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    Written and Directed by: Yung Lee
    Director of Photography: Francis Coral Melon

    Cast in order of appearance:
    Gak’s baby – Ethan
    Gak – Yung Lee
    Tim/Green Ranger – Tim Lee
    Summer/Sylvari – Ellen Richard (Costume designed by Jessica Richard: )
    Naruto – Lana Kronenfeld
    Judy/C. Viper – Judy Lim
    Sailor Mars/Mars – Marissa Mel
    Gogeta/Jay – Jason Huang
    Luffy/Chris – Chris Cheong
    Hero’s Shade/Ex-boyfriend – xHylianKnightx
    Hero’s Shade voice over – Yung Lee

    Main Camera/Glide Cam op – Francis Coral Melon
    2nd Camera – Gary
    Production Assistants: Tim Lee, Judy Lim, Jason Huang, Chris Cheong

    Post Production:
    Edit/VFX/Color Grade/Sound Design – Yung Lee

    Special Thanks:
    Lee Hua Chang, Mike Wu, Tom Antos, and Kenson Lee
    Anime North for the media passes
    Melissa & Danny for letting me borrow their amazing baby boy for the video.

    Music Credit:
    ” Pianolo ”

    ” Faithfully ”
    Lee Hua Chang 李華章

    ” Dirt Mountain ”
    Jesse Lee Jones

    ” Curb My Aneurism ”
    Alan Lazar

    ” Deep In ”

    ” Polar Shift ”
    Mark Petrie

    ” Good Day ”
    Lee Hua Chang 李華章

    Music Licensed by Touch Music Publishing in Singapore

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