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  • How Do You Do, Naruto? – NaruHina

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    This time a NaruHina video. Yaaay! I’m so excited ’cause it’s my first serious project, I spent three days making it… I usually don’t listen to Cascada, but that song really fits me… and the pairing :)
    I tried to put a story into it and match the video and music. I hope it turned out quite good.
    Sorry, other pairings fans, the video is rather anti-KibaHina (just in that case, as I love the couple :), ShinoHina (don’t like) and NaruSaku (slightly against).

    Hinata comments on how Naruto acts, admiring his handsomeness, strength, willpower and energy. She thinks that no one could replace him. His perversity kinda annoys her but she can’t stop liking him. She finally gains courage to say hello and he does it back which surprises her so much that she faints. Naruto is rather disappointed as he wanted to talk with her. He begs her friends to take care of her as he is too busy to handle it now.
    Hinata sees herself and Naruto on a date but it turns out to be a dream. She says that even when she gets old, she will wait for Naruto because his presence heals her heart.
    Some time later Naruto manages to protect the village from Pain. Then he calls back the moment when Hinata got injured and he was scared that he could have lost her. He decides to find her despite his exhaustion. He learns that she hangs around with her team near the river, so he goes there. Hinata hears his footsteps and turns around to see who is coming. She stares at Naruto and calls back the moment when he left. Looking lovingly at her, Naruto gently asks ‘How do you do?’, which makes her touched. The young man smiles as he finally feels happy being with his beloved girl.

    Song: How Do You Do
    Artist: Cascada
    Anime: Naruto/Naruto: Shippuuden
    Program used: Windows Movie Maker

    I do not own ‘Naruto’ and ‘Naruto: Shippuuden’ characters and universe. Masashi Kishimoto does.
    I do not own the music. It belongs to its rightful owners.
    I do not own clips from the video. Most of them are from TV Tokyo’s episodes sent to Youtube by the users. Thank you all for submiting them. Without it I wouldn’t finish my project.
    I DO own my work, so please appreciate it.


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