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  • How Can Something Be A Plant And An Animal?

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    It’s very easy to tell the difference from plants and animals…right? It was announced last week that sea anemones are actually half animal, and half plant! Trace explains how something can be both plant and animal, and lists out a few other similar cases.

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    Sea Anemone Is Both Animal and Plant
    “Sea anemones are classified as being animals, but two new genetic studies have found that these water-dwelling creatures are technically half plant and half animal.”

    Five Kingdom Classification System
    “Once upon a time, all living things were lumped together into two kingdoms, namely plants and animals (at least, that’s how I learned it).”

    Classifying Plants
    “Plants belong to the plant kingdom, one of the five kingdoms of living things.”

    Sea Anemone is Genetically Half Animal, Half Plant
    “Sea anemone shows a genomic landscape surprisingly similar to human genome, but also displays regulatory mechanisms similar to plants.”

    Understanding Algae That Are Both ‘Plant’ And ‘Animal’
    “Nature is full of surprises. There are some algal species that can act both as ‘plants’ and as ‘animals’ at the same time.”

    Zoologger: Unique life form is half plant, half animal
    “Many animals transform themselves almost beyond recognition in the course of their lives.”

    Studies on the Genus Mesodinium I: Ultrastructure and Description ofMesodinium chamaeleon n. sp., a Benthic Marine Species with Green or Red Chloroplasts;jsessionid=5D12B23A67DC1374CB0B85B714C23C64.f01t03
    “We provide here the description of a new marine species that harbors green or red chloroplasts.”

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