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  • Horse Sex and Mating Education

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    We filmed a male and female horse mating or in other words having sex. I never actually seen it happen before so here is an insight to how baby horses come about. The male horse has to be aroused by the female before intercourse and the contained people are making it happen a bit quicker. The shackles on the female horse are to ensure a high breeding rate as the stallion was only available for a short time. The horses had sex about 3 times over the days to further ensure the female horse got the best possible chance of sperm fertilizing her egg.

    The horses are not in any danger and this practise happens all over the world. Some people have stated that this is barbaric and I say go away as everyone has an opinion and we are not breaking the law as it stands.

    The education into horse mating, breeding, horses having sex may offend some viewers as it contains an erect male horse penis and sexual scenes of horses. This is nature people, the birds and the bees.

    A great education for those that are interested in how horses have sex.


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