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  • hokusai shunga ukiyoe woodblock print Meiji era 19th century

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    Japanese Antique Shunga ukiyoe woodblock print urushi-e Meiji Hokusai school
    北齋 浪千鳥 明治時代春畫
    Featuring a beautifully done and well preserved shunga ukiyoe antique woodblock print. It is printed on a very Impressive large scale Oban size Ukiyo-e woodblock print. Beautifully done in full color page of presentation.
    Nice characteristic facial impression of the couple itimacy scene of the most famous hokusai school’s signature work “Wave Chitori” or “浪千鳥” The well balanced body language offers very good movement and is visually pleasing in person. Nice grading in background. Very good even color tone control and techniques, very good accuracy in registration of colors. Great quality and full-color print design. Very fine and great work in hairline airea. The excellent use of urushi-e black lacquer to create the multiple layers glossy relief look in the head (hair) area. Meiji period 1860-70′s (Please see the detail photos.) A genuine & authentic Antique Shunga Ukiyo-e woodblock print.

    it is 100% authentic/original and well preserved genuine woodblock print. (Clear bleed through backing and in some of the print can even see the woodblock board marked in the back)

    Asian Antique Girl
    The original set contains 12 classic shunga images and popular subject and style.
    We had introduce Utagawa school versions from the past and this exciting print is done by Hokusai school style technique.

    Very nice and rare large oban size antique woodblock print works of art from the Meiji period 19th century shunga works of art.

    Title: Wave Chidori
    Katsushika Hokusai 1760-1849
    Japanese Antique Shunga ukiyoe woodblock print urushi-e Meiji Hokusai school

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