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  • History of Doctor Who Music Video – All in One Take

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    A tribute to 50 years of Doctor Who. Filmed all in one take!
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    Written, Directed, and Edited by Jason Inman
    Music, Recording, and Mastering by Joel Martin –
    Lyrics by Jason Inman
    Assistant Director: Gene Shaw –
    Camera Operator: Sean Hewitt
    Makeup – Chrissy Lynn –
    Production Assistant – Stephenny Godfrey

    The Doctor: Jason Inman
    The TARDIS: Joel Martin
    Susan – Ashley Victoria Robinson –
    Jamie – Vincente Bello –
    Brigadier – Nick Bishop –
    Sarah Jane – Chrissy Lynn
    The Master and the Silence – Garth Bauman
    Teagan – Mac Beauvais –
    Peri – Ashley Victoria Robinson
    Rose – Carrie Gibson
    Amy Pond – Mac Beauvais
    Rory – Ryan Beauvais
    River Song – Chrissy Lynn
    Clara – Ashley Victoria Robinson
    Daleks and New Master – Chris Chapman
    Cyberman, The Black Guardian, and The Valeyard – Patrick McMillan

    Thanks to the cast and crew for helping me pull this awesome video off!! Geronimo!

    Since 1963,

    A time lord

    from the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation Kasterbrus

    stole a blue box called a TARDIS

    Some call him the Doctor, and others say Doctor Who?

    I wanna be the Doctor

    eat jammie dodgers everyday

    I wanna be the doctor

    Come be my companion and run away

    I wanna be the doctor

    Drive the tardis to the edge of s pace

    I wanna be the Doctor

    I can regenerate a brand new face

    The first doctor traveled with
    his granddaughter Susan
    He fought the Daleks and the Cyberman
    He saved the snowcap
    and then he died
    Regenerated and started wearing bow ties

    The second doctor liked to play the recorder
    traveled with Jamie restoring world order
    He was a cosmic hobo
    yelling Oh my Giddy aunt
    Til he transformed into a dandy man

    The Third Doctor was
    stuck on Earth.
    Forced to drive his car Bessie for what its worth
    He partied with Brigadier and then got radiated.
    Started wearing a scarf when he regenerated.

    K9 and Sarah Jane were his friends
    Would you like a jelly baby the fourth doctor said
    Defeated the Black Guardian and the Masters lies
    Fell from a satellite dish and then he died

    The fifth Doctor wore celery on his jacket
    trying to return A Flight Attendant
    He fought Omega,
    and he liked to flip coins
    And then he got his sonic screwdriver destroyed

    He died from poison
    and wore a rainbow coat
    The sixth doctor strangled Peri by the throat
    He was put on trial by the Valeyard
    died from a bump on the head. It was awkward

    He put on a hat, and performed magic tricks
    The 7th Doctor blew up the home of the Daleks
    he Landed in the year 1999,
    shot by San Fran gangsters and then he died.

    The Eight Doctor was a debnair man
    He was played by the amazing Paul McGann
    One movie’s not enough don’t you know.
    You said you were half human, but please dont go!!

    The Ninth Doctor was the last time lord
    He found Rose Tyler, and we were all floored.
    Bad Wolf and the time vortex made Rose very sick
    The doctor saved her. Saying Fantastic

    The tenth doctor loved Rose till she was taken away
    Stuck in another dimension for the rest of her days
    He took down the Master all alone
    Met Torchwood, Sarah Jane and even his own clone,
    He sacrificed himself to save Wilfred
    Saying i dont want to go with the tears he shed

    The 11th doctor said bow ties are cool.
    Gerinimo was yelled by this old fool!
    His best friend was a girl named Amy pond.
    They restarted the universe and made a permanent bond.
    River Song calls him Sweetie, and tried to shoot him dead
    It wasn’t long before they were wed.
    The Silence stopped the doctor from saying his name.
    Saving all regenerations was Clara’s game.

    Soon the 11th doctor will regenerate
    Let’s meet the 12th doctor.
    We cannot wait.

    I wanna be the doctor

    He’s saved us for over 50 years

    I wanna be the doctor

    Every regeneration the world sheds a tear

    I’ll hop in my Tardis

    bid time and space adieu.

    The next time that you see me

    You’ll probably call me Doctor Who.

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