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  • High-visibility jackets keep chickens safe when crossing the road

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    Chickens crossing the road is no yolk. At least according to pet product company Omlet who have designed a high visibility jacket to help poultry navigate traffic safely. Despite that fact that it sounds like a joke, the company has already sold almost 1,500 jackets to safety conscious chicken owners. “It started out really, like all good ideas, from customer feedback,” said Omlet’s Johannes Paul. “They were looking out into their garden at their chickens in the winter and seeing the poor things pecking around in the snow.” Omlet has been around for 10 years and is known for its range of stylish animal housings. But the high-vis jackets seem to have caught their imagination and the company is now planning a spring/summer range with new patterns, or possibly styled like pilots outfits and camouflage suits. They are also looking into doing light weight versions with less insulation after a big chain in Australia ordered a batch of jackets. Report by Laurie Blake.

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