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  • HHO Gas and Coleman Outdoor Cooking Fuel Running a 5.5 Honda Engine 7-29-2013

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    During this test using Coleman camping fuel with HHO gas in a HHO machine design to Run flammable liquids. During our test we were controlling the air mixture on the 5.5 Honda engine. When we hooked it up to the 14 hp motor generator we did not control the choke to control the airflow mixture as we did with the 5.5 Honda engine. There’s a possibility we could have had it running but we did not touch the choke we left it wide open. This was our first test run using a larger engine and we are determined to get a large engine running powering the HHO machine and having excess power to spare. We are looking for fuel reduction dramatically at the same time getting energy to use when needed at a dramatic reduced rate compared to the traditional as we know today. If this works out you can imagine all the different liquid fuels that can be used from moonshine to any fossil fuel fluid ect. We highly recommend anyone and everyone to leave comments rate are video and please be positive because I am doing this for free and tired of the bondage of utilities. Positive constructive ideas will encourage others reading the comments to take it to the next step allowing us to be all consumers of a device that will works one day. Negative comments does nothing but create arguments and does not bring anything forth that benefits all of us. United we stand United we fall we the people have control over all. This means you have control over your life to make changes in the world we live in by encouraging others to achieve reduced utilities and may one day eliminate them altogether. Thank you please leave comments, rate our site, share these videos with as many people even the individuals that went to college to the engineers where are they in technology? People that make changes in our world are usually individuals that are inventors that never went to college and do not take no for an answer. College people and inventors working all on the same page can make a difference as long as each one does not knock down the other regarding the intelligence each person brings to the table. Please watch the torch demonstration of Coleman fuel and the effects of fire regarding the mixture of Coleman fuel and HHO gas through a torch.

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