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  • helloween – walls of jericho/ride the sky

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    walls of jericho/ride the sky from walls of jericho

    Much too long I’ve been a prisoner here
    The hour has come to break out
    Shackled and chained almost goin’ insane
    It’s better to live on the run
    Set me free, set me free

    Send me a sign, wanna leave it all behind
    I’ll be leaving the hands of doom
    Rearrange the master plan, take the future in my hands
    To be free and not trapped anymore

    Ride the sky, Ride the sky
    Give me wings to fly, Ride the sky

    I have to think for myself and then act
    In conformity of my own thoughts
    No one should tell me what’s wrong and what’s right
    Why don’t you leave me alone
    Set me free, set me free


    Solo: both/Kai/both/Mike


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