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  • Hardcore/Gabber Techno — SiRK — Try To Rob Me (FL Studio/Fruity Loops) RERELEASE

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    ** Please read before commenting **

    Self produced Hardcore/Gabber track using FL Studio and Cool Edit Pro. Published July 26, 2009, Re released Sep 29, 2009. I know not everybody likes this music but try to keep the comments constructive and positive.

    ** NOTE: This is a homemade track. And my interpretation of the genre. I did NOT write the melody. So sue me. Take a track for what it’s worth and just enjoy the music instead of trying to pick it apart! Vocal samples are from the Infamous ‘Pinky Scene’ in the American film ‘Next Friday’ **

    Genre: Hardcore/Gabber
    Artist Name: SiRK
    Track Title: Try To Rob Me
    Tempo: 175 BPM


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