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  • Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine…Becoming Light Series with Jan Cercone

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    Guys Guide to the Divine Feminine…Becoming Light, everyday in every way Series

    The Voice of the Divine Feminine is growing and pushing against all of reality, and nowhere is it felt more abruptly than in intimate relationship. This book outlines for men the new ideas, feelings and languaging so that her partner is not feeling frustrated or left behind. Sane advice and compassionate support for the bewildered husband or boyfriend. Summary Man’s Guide to the Divine Feminine The Dali Lama said it would be the Western Woman to change all of reality on earth. Specifically, it is the emerging new voice of the “Divine feminine” that is bringing new initiatives and ways of living on earth. What is old is new again, for truly, the Divine feminine is just a remembrance of how the feminine way is to live in harmony with all of live. Food, relationship, weather, housing, and community are all morphing to these new feminine inspired ideations. And each woman that has this energy of spirit bursting through her to be part of this movement will have partners that may be bewildered, uncomfortable or angry that their woman is now becoming someone or something else. This book de-mystifies the mystical process that these women are going through as they shift from a material based world to a spirit directed life. Jan gives practical advice and common sense guidance for the hapless male who does not know where to turn. Her own awakening provides real life data and excerpts from her journal are highlighted in blue. This book will be popular and raise many eyebrows, discussions and questions. And hopefully save marriages and relationships and lift them to a new loving place.

    About the Author Jan Cercone RN, MA, CMP, PHN Jan has herself successfully morphed from a traditional wife and mother to a Divine Feminine circle leader, initiator, and leader. Her focus is the Voice of the Feminine and how to support, shift and uplift the expression of truth for each and every woman to heal mankind and the world. She offers Workshops Worldwide, with her Global World Tour in 2011 visited and worked with women in Europe and Puerto Rico. This book, Guys guide to the Divine feminine follows her autobiography journal “Passion Healed Me.” She is an RN, with a Masters degree in Political Science and is a recognized leader in creating Healing of the human body, mind and spirit through music and sound through Immersive Fusion events and Workshops. She has created two Centers, Song and Spirit and Solara with Vibrational Methodologies for demonstrating the power of intentional sound for healing. Her Visionary work and gift for healing bring many visitors and Jan senses we are co-creating a new world, a Divine Plan that is re-calibrating all of reality through our collaborative efforts. Her trustworthy, effervescent approach is contagious and healing whether in concerts, small groups, radio and media or one to one healing sessions. She is an Avatar Master, Omnium Healing graduate and studied Anthroposophical singing for 25 years with a specialty in therapeutic singing modalities. An ordained Minister, she worked with Hospice clients and developed in-service trainings for hospital and hospice staffs for using music as a healing tool. As a faculty member of the Sound and Consciousness Institute in SF Jan taught students from around the globe and spoke and sang at National Sound Conferences. Jan leads Women’s Leadership Retreats in Southern France, Hawaii and California and feels that every woman can SOAR…Sounding Our Authentic Resonance. This will shift the entire world. A recording artist, her CDs can be found at, check out her many youtubes, and you can sign up for her mailing list at

    “Men long to connect to the feminine in a deep divine way and this book opens a door for how a woman works and thinks. Knowing you and knowing all that you have experienced as a woman, a mother, and as a spirit being, I was stunned by the flows of your associations and melding of energies that have become so familiar to you. As a man, I want to know how to get back to the energy sharing that seems both so new and so known and that I do not have a place for. I long for this coupling and connectivity and I wonder is reading this story enough or do we all need to go into this level of being?”

    Rod Butler, Water Resource Specialist

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