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  • Guilin Girls 1996 – Paul Donker Duyvis /

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    Guilin Girls 1996 Video Movie by Paul Donker Duyvis.

    Happy and Curious Chinese Children playing in the Guilin River
    a Story of an Encounter

    a Story of an Encounter witout Words
    about watching each orher with an open mind.

    The beautiful music comes from a cassete given to me by a traditional Singer living in Inner Mongolia.
    I heard the woman singing and I was moved. She saw it and gave me a cassete with her songs.
    A few days later these Guilin Children jumped upon me with a generous smile.

    I decided o combine these two precious gifts to memorize these moments of communication without words . . .

    Listning to them still makes me feel good and than I wonder what happened to the young girls and the Mogolian Singer.
    Hopefully they are still so happy and generous.

    Paul Donker Duyvis «

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