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  • GSXR vs CBR vs ZX10r – 1k Shootout

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    An impromptu little shootout test at Odiham Airfield between k5 GSXR, 2011 CBR1000rr and a 2013 ZX10r.
    Its not a particularly fair test due to traffic and only a limited time (just 1x session on the ZX10r) on the bikes. Still, it satisfied me when it comes to choosing between my GSXR and the Fireblade.
    You could add 2 seconds to the ZX10r time due to traffic, however the nature of the bike made it hard to overtake (for an amateur). The GSXR was running on slicks and the CBR was on touring Pilot Road 3 tyres – so the times are not ‘the whole truth’. Also, im afraid the times are in FRAMES PER SECOND as i couldn’t find an option in After Effects to change it – sorry.
    Sorry there is no real commentary but this wasn’t planned and i left my mic at home.
    Anyway, its fun to see where they make and loose time – but on the whole, the result and my closing statement is fair and honest.
    This is just a bit of fun so dont get your knickers in a twist.

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