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  • Gravitational Wave Discovery! Evidence of Cosmic Inflation

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    Baby photos of our universe show huge early growth spurt!
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    Some clarifications:
    - The lengthening of wavelengths is not strictly due to stretching by the expanding universe but by the way the photons were emitted and absorbed in different frames of reference.
    - The effects of gravitational waves have been observed in the decaying orbital periods of some binary star systems, however detectors built to measure gravitational waves stretching and squeezing matter on Earth have not as yet detected them.
    - In the video I sometimes use the term Big Bang to refer to the beginning of time as we know it. The Big Bang actually refers to the whole process from the formation of our universe, through inflation, to the expanding mass of plasma in the early universe (not just the first instant).
    - Quantum gravity is by no means established by this observation but it is suggestive that General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are working together here.

    Thank you to Professor Geraint Lewis and Henry Reich for comments on earlier drafts of this video (even if I haven’t accepted all of your corrections).

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