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  • Giving – Thai Commercial Truemove H – [English Subtitles]

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    Made in Indonesia. Credits go to : Truemove H

    TrueMove H always believed that ” communication is the best ” , we communicate through television commercials . The story in this film . Reflect the concept of TrueMove H brand that believes … giving without hope of return was the beginning of the real .

    The plot was inspired . Stories from social media . Tells a story of hope for the return . Miraculously , however, get some consideration .

    Because it is . Communication is the best . Even without saying a word. But the most powerful communication .
    TrueMove H believes in the power of giving without expecting a return. And is committed to developing new communications technologies for the Thailand to create opportunities and improve the quality of life Thailand . Every communication. Connected to each other endlessly .


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