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  • Giant Crocodile Caught Alive – World Record

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    World Record Giant Crocodile Captured alive over 21 foot long and estimated at 2,300+ lbs.

    The biggest crocodile in the world was caught near the city of Manila in the Philippines less than a year ago. The giant saltwater crocodile had been spotted by several locals but cause for concern didn’t appear until the beast was seen attacking and kill a large water buffalo.

    A large group of local Philippinos gathered to hunt the huge crocodile by setting traps around the marsh which took 3 weeks to finally capture after the monster managed to break through several traps.

    It took 100 people to drag the 21 foot, 2,370 lb monster crocodile out into a field. This giant man-eating crocodile was suspected of being responsible for killing a missing fisherman, however, nothing has been confirmed.

    The previous record for the world’s largest crocodile was around 18 feet. Saltwater crocodiles can live for over 100 years and are estimated grow as long as 23 feet.

    The giant monster croc has now become the main attraction at a planned nature park in Manila, Philippines. Seeing the biggest crocodile ever caught alive is just one of many reasons to visit the Philippines.

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