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  • Genesis 1:1 Why would a perfect God make an imperfect world?

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    How could a perfect God create such an imperfect world? The answer is in the very first verse of the Bible- but this verse is translated incorrectly in English Bibles. We have an imperfect world created by imperfect Creators- according to Genesis. The cure? Humans. Even though I only translate what Genesis 1:1 says, I’ve never heard anyone explain it before. Since my assertions are startling, I put detail in the video for those who want proof. Coming soon: Why the work of the Creators was flawed, and how a fix was formed.
    ‘Tiqqun (tikkun) olam’ means ‘world repair’, the purpose of humans.
    Photos: Pink Lady’s Slipper (endangered species), Hubble image, original portrait.
    Original thoughts and work, copyright 2009.

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