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  • Geek Week: San Diego Comic Con – I Just Want To Be A SuperHero – Cosplay Music Video

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    With so many amazing cosplayers attending San Diego Comic Con we just had to make a 2nd video and what better time to celebrate cosplay than YouTube’s Geek Week! After all who doesn’t want to be a superhero?

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    A huge thank you to all the amazing people who took part.

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    Song used under license from Tim McMorris “I Just Want To Be A SuperHero”

    Filmed on a Canon 7D, with a FlyCam 5000 (Thanks to ) Edited with Avid Media Composer, VFX with Adobe After Effects.
    Huge Thank You Adam Patrick Murry & YaYa Han for permission for the thumbnail:

    Yaya Han:

    Shout out and thanks to: (If we missed you shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to add you)
    Angi Viper at Madame Hydra:
    Riki LeCotey aka Ridd1e: (Wonder Woman):
    YaYa Han (Phoenix):
    Meagan Marie (Wonder Woman)
    Ivy Doom Kitty Star Trek & Black Queen:
    Original light up monsters – Ink Pen Mutations:
    Chrissy Lynn as Doctor Who Dress:
    Athena Stamos as April O’neil:
    Harleyquin & Hazel as Dragon Age:
    Rising Moon Cosplay as Sniper :
    Miss Dee Meanor as Jessica Rabbit Ranger:

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