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  • GateRape? TSA’s New Airport Security Pat Down – Comedy Thunder

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    TSA GateRape ReTweet: Airport Security bodyscanners and the new pat down procedure put the T and A in TSA . What will you do the next time you go through security… Bodyscanner or pat down?

    Featuring Kelly Meyersfield,
    Will McFadden, and Charlie Faith

    Directed by James T. McFadden
    Written by Tyler McFadden

    Comedy Thunder is an epic comedy event on YouTube that can’t be stopped. Eight hilarious comedy teams and comedians will each be posting a new funny video based on a specific theme that changes every week. Comedy Thunder videos will include sketches, pranks, music videos, parody, spoofs, and more. New videos from all 8 comedy teams every Thursday. Check out the comedy channels involved by clicking the links below:

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