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  • Game Grumps Animated: Appropriate Story

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    here’s a short story about my slow arse:
    i wanted this thing done for the end of OCTOBER. this tardiness is obscene, please don’t look at me
    still i am pleased with this. i’m so happy with how far i’ve come since my first cartoon!
    although apparently i still haven’t gotten the hang of the aspect ratio, which hurts me. Also, hair movement is still a mighty beast i do battle with.
    next time i do a cartoon, i will do this thing called CHARACTER SHEETS first, instead of drawing a random face and thrashing it into life. i feel my life will only become far easier for it!

    also also, i am thinking of making Psyduck tshirts (to sell at my society6) like the one ~Michelle~ wears in this, lemme know if that is what you’re into!

    starring episodes:
    Kirby’s Epic Yarn
    Mario Sunshine

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