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  • Fusion Compilation 2: Most Subbed Modder and Birthday Special

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    Hey guys. It’s my birthday. YAY. How old I am? 18. That’s right, I’m nationally legal now. Time to get my ID card and lots of things that I can do now that I’m 18. To celebrate it, I made this special video for you guys. Fusion is the main attraction for me these days.

    I made this video before December even started. Back then, I had not more than around 4000 subscribers so I thought that I might get around 5000 when I upload it but NO. You guys ave made me so happy and famous that I have reached over 6000 subscribers. That really means alot to me.

    Not only do I have over 6000 subscribers but also I’m OFFICIALLY the most subscribed modder on Youtube. I like to thank PGV and Zero for their modding tutorials. If it weren’t for them, I would have never got this far. I also like to thank KidMaJunior for his inspiration that made me want to mod. Thank you.

    These are some more fusions that people wanted over the last few months, maybe even years since KidMaJunior’s video for Frieza and Cooler Fusion. That’s right. The result for Frieza and Cooler is in this video. I know Hudak and Frost Potara is not close to how its suppose to be but I didn’t make it. Nassif9000 did. Same goes for the Fusion dance results. He made them all. And I have to say not a bad job at all.

    Now for the request part, it seems my exams are gonna end on Saturday, 24th December and I’m also gonna move to a new house the very same day so please hold on to your requests. I going to start taking requests on Wednesday 28 December. Please be patient. I made this video before my exams started because I knew I won’t have time during my exams.

    The Fusions shown in this video are as below:
    1. Cell Jr. and Saibaman/Saibamen using Potara Earrings
    2. Hudak and Frost using Potara Earrings
    3. Xicor/Zaiko and Broly using Potara Earrings
    4. Mecha Goku and Mecha Vegeta using Fusion Dance
    5. Frieza/Freezer/Freeza and Cooler using Fusion Dance
    6. Piccolo and Super Buu using Potara Earrings
    7. Hudak and Frost using Fusion Dance
    8. Goku Ssj4 and Broly Ssj4 using Fusion Dance
    9. Chaos Goku and Chaos Vegeta using Fusion Dance
    10. Chaos Goku and Chaos Vegeta using Potara Earrings
    11. Super Buu and Frieza using Fusion Dance
    12. Cooler Final Forma and Janemba using Potara Earrings
    13. Hudak Ssj4 and Frost Ssj4 using Fusion Dance

    This is it for now. Stay tuned as more is on its way. Also rate, comment and subscribe.

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