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  • Funiculì Funiculà – Mario Lanza

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    Funiculì Funiculà was a popular hit song performed in the 1950s by Mario Lanza (31 January 1921 — 7 October 1959), an American tenor and Hollywood movie star. This is his English version.

    Little needs to be said about the famous melody other than it being as sun-drenched and vivacious as a Napoli carnival. The content of the original lyrics by Turco, however, may enhance appreciation by the listener not familiar with Italian. Composed as a tie-in to the 1880 opening of the Mount Vesuvius funicular railway, the young hero of the song exasperatedly decries his volatile girlfriend’s disposition. He takes the train to the top of the volcano, its fiery terrain recalling his beloved’s “charms.” Smitten afresh, he returns to ask her hand in marriage. The wry lyrics and familiar melody are buoyed by an infectious tarantella rhythm.

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