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  • FROZEN “Let it Go” Disney (Demi Lovato) | 8 and 10 Year Old Sophia & Bella

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    8 -year-old Bella and 10-year-old Sophia singing Demi Lovato’s version of “Let it go” from their fav new movie Frozen! Hope you LIKE it.

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    They’ve been making Youtube videos since they were babies, for fun. And as always their music videos are never edited, always live, and not even rehearsed. When they want to sing a song they’ll sing it once for the camera and that’s it. I’ll ask if they’d like to sing it again in case of any mistakes, but Sophia always says, ” keep the mistakes in we’re just kids.” So these videos are never their best performances. We’re not on Youtube to prove anything. Just have fun! Thanks for having fun with us! :)

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