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  • Freeskier survived avalanche accident with ABS Airbag

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    Freeskier Aymar Navarro was at a film shoot in the Spanish Pyrenees when he suddenly triggered a massive avalanche.

    A camera team around Nil Torremocha from was supposed to capture Freeski material for a TV commercial for a car brand. The conditions seemed to be perfect when spanish fresskier Aymar Navarro began his descent from top of 2,802-meter high Tuc de Barloguera.

    The camera crew filmed his ride from the helicopter flying above him when suddenly the snow started to move and Aymar was caught by a massive avalanche. The 24-year old survived the accident with luck and his avalanche airbag.

    We want to clarify that the most important thing is to avoid an avalanche in the first place. But even when you are well trained and informed there is always a residual risk. In case something goes wrong it is important to be as good equipped as possible. An avalanche is always a life threatening situation and you should never take a higher risk.

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