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    Paul attempts to produce energy from a circuit that he is replicating from LifeHack2012
    So far no good results. Zero Voltage. I tried many combinations of number of windings and size of windings & different placements of the magnet.

    Here is LifeHack2012 with 2 coils connected together with 1 magnet….

    Here is LifeHack2012 with same coils but now he has 2 magnets….

    Here is LifeHack2012 now with 1 coil and 1 magnet at a distance…

    How can this work so many different ways!

    Here is best video from tsbrownie…..

    I did not make this video to bash, put down, or bad mouth LifeHack2012 or others that claim this is real, but I make this video to “inform” people & let them make their own decisions. I live by mottos such as “live & let live” & “to each there own”. I will also add that I am very serious about my experiments in science & value my reputation greatly, and when people make a fake video & try to pull the wool over my eyes, i feel they are shitting in my back yard, figuratively speaking.

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