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  • Former soldier Jon Lewis Alexander pulls gun on liquor store robber [REAL FOOTAGE]

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    A would-be robber got the scare of his life after an Iraq veteran clerk pulled a gun on him during an attempted run on the cash register at a liquor store in Marionville, Missouri.

    The unidentified man walked into Beer:30 smoking a cigarette. Security-camera footage shows the clerk, 54-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander, gesturing for him to leave, as smoking is not allowed inside the store. The suspect then pulled a gun on Alexander and demanded all the cash in the machine.

    What the young man didn’t realize, however, was that the silver-haired store clerk served four tours in Iraq and worked as a prison guard and bounty hunter. (Yes, a bounty hunter.) So he wasn’t someone you trifle with.

    The other key detail the kid missed was that Alexander was also packing heat! He was carrying a Walther PPX 9mm handgun in a holster strapped to his back. So when this punk rolled up, smoking in a non-smoking space, using foul language and flinging a gun around, the silver-streaked BAMF wasn’t going to have any of it. He batted down the boy’s gun-wielding left arm in one swift move, then smooth-like-butter, he grabbed his own piece with his other hand and rammed it in guy’s face. And not just rammed it in his face, but pushed it into his mouth far enough for the cops to swab it for DNA.

    And it all happened in like 11 seconds. The kid learned quick that he was in over his head and got out of there lickety-split, dragging his battered ego behind him.

    The cops are looking for the suspect and the owners of the shop are like so happy they hired this bad ass. Also, G.I. Joe said he didn’t want to tell his old lady about what happened, but she found out anyway and when she got home, she gave him “all kinds of lovin’”.


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