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  • Ford & Tess 6-15-11 Scenes

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    Ford & Tess make love on June 15, 2011

    Tess and Ford fall into a kiss while hiding out in the Minute Man Motel. They profess their love. Tess changes out of the nun disguise. Ford looks at a photo of Ryder. Though Tess wants to leave Llanview, Ford can’t without his son. Tess becomes upset. “He and I are a package deal,” Ford says. “Stay here and help me fight for my son.” Tess can’t leave Ford. She’s there because she loves Ford more than Jessica wants to come back. “If I can learn to love a moron like you…” Tess pauses. “Then I guess I can learn to love your little rugrat too.” They admit to being nervous. Ford assures Tess he has protection. They fall to the bed and make love.

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