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  • Five good reasons why – Love scenes in games are awkward

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    Games are becoming more and more realistic but not in the love scene department. Here are five reasons why virtual nookie is still awkward to watch.

    5. The uncanny valley is deep

    Games won’t be very sexy until video game developers cross the uncanny valley and figure out how to do true life like human animation,. With our current tech it still looks like digital mannequins rubbing up against each other.

    4. The writing is cheesy

    Technological shortcomings aside, sometimes the writers are to blame too. The flirtatious banter in most games is cheesier than Stilton dunked in fondue. We really loved the way Saint’s Row 4 made fun of this with their intentionally cheesy romance options.

    3. Interactivity makes it worse

    What separates games from movies and books is the fact that you can interact with them. But this isn’t a good thing in the case of love scenes. Unhooking a bra with button prompts just feels awkward. If only it was this simple in real life, right guys?

    2. Less should always be more

    Less should always be more in the case of video game romance. Tasteful love scenes that don’t show anything explicit can add something to the experience. But then there games that show way too much making you cringe and sometimes just burst out laughing.

    1. Someone could walk in

    Imagine playing a threesome mini-game in God of War. There you are mashing the buttons when suddenly someone walks in on you to ask what you are doing. Trying to explain how you are pleasuring virtual women with timed button presses is a situation you just don’t want to be in.

    Do you guys have any embarrassing stories about love scenes in games? Please share them with the world in the comments below!

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