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  • Fishing Giant Goliath Grouper Jewfish! Going To Work! Chew On This Shows Videos

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    Biggest Fish in the World Ever! Watch Captain Ben Chancey of the “Chew On This” Saltwater Fishing Show battle the largest fish of his life while nearly getting pulled overboard. His rod snaps in two and he has to land the fish by hand. The Goliath he lands is nearly 8 foot long and an estimated 600 pounds. Extreme Saltwater Fishing



    Reel Big Fish: Army Soldier KO’s Goliath Grouper Fish! Chew On This

    500 Pound Goliath Grouper Sea Bass Jewfish Fish Chew On This!

    Giant 600 Pound Goliath Bass Breaks Rod! Funny Fail Win

    Fishing Charters! Monster Goliath Grouper Pesca Breaks Rod! Fishing Charters! Gulf of Mexico

    Fishing Show Giant Goliath Big Game Fish Bare Hands!

    Best Hammerhead Shark Video Chew On This Fishing Show

    500+lb Monster Hammerhead Shark:

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    Accommodations: Courtyard Marriott Hutchinson Island Florida. Double Tree, Comfort Inn, Hilton, Gaylord, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Laquinta, Radisson, Resorts

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