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  • Fire Truck Consumed in Fire

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    Unfortunately, an Ennis, TX fire truck was consumed in a massive fire at the Magnablend chemical plant in Waxahachie, TX today. Everyone was accounted for and no injuries have been reported. News footage by Channel 8 News.

    **Please support your local fire department!**

    Many have asked ‘WHY’ did they park ‘so close’. I don’t know the answer to that. Looks like they didn’t have much room to begin with, to me. Their job, at that point, was to control the fire enough to prevent it from spreading to the rail cars. (which contained highly flammable compounds) “If we would have let those cars go, that entire area of the city would have been leveled – not just the buildings next door, the entire area. It was that serious.” -Fire Chief David Hudgins. Could they have predicted a ‘river of fire’ coming at them or the rate of speed at which it came? Could anyone, for that matter? Easy to judge when you’re not there and in their boots. Ellis County Texas Right To Know reported, on the day of the fire, Magnablend told EPA and media that the majority of its operations were for the agricultural industry. But the following day, the CEO admitted that the majority of what their company produced was for the oil and gas industry, including blending chemicals for the fracking industry. According to, Magnablend CEO Scott Penery, (a graduate from California State University), also admitted that current records on exact chemical elements produced there may not have been filed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The Ennis Daily News reported, “TCEQ Spokesperson Terry Clawson said the investigation into Magnablend’s “powder facility” in Waxahachie was indeed a direct result of the fire that destroyed the company’s “liquid facility” and an Ennis Fire Department ladder truck… putting the lives of its firefighters in danger.” **TCEQ and OSHA recently cited this company with several serious violations.** I’m a resident here. I also have family and friends that live here too. To me, for the time and space they had to work with, ALL firefighters there that day are HEROES in my book. They had the balls and guts to take this dangerous fire head on. Guess one would had to have physically been there to know all the answers as to ‘WHY’.

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