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  • Fire Fighting Vehicle SPOT-55

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    SPOT-55 is a special tracked fire fighting vehicle mounted on the chassis of T-55 tank manufactured at the Military Repair Corporation 025 in Nový Jičín. It is designed to fight any kind of fire in difficult terrain and in industrial conglomerations (besides forests, it can be engaged in power plants, oil refineries, surface mines or at gas pipelines).

    This system has two water tanks to hold 11,000 litres. The central tank can keep 9,000 litres and the side tank up to 2,000 litres. A foam tank can contain 2000 litres of frothing agent generated within the vehicle. Moreover, it is equipped with two powder extinguishers. The front part of the vehicle is equipped with two high-pressure revolving streamlines, while three hand streamlines can be attached to the rear part of the vehicle. When engaged at a fire, the body of the vehicle is cooled by water fog driven out of numerous pressure jets on the vehicle surface.

    During operation water can be re-supplied by a pump pulling from a depth of 7.5 metres. Another possible means of water supply are two water tanks connected to the rear of the vehicle or the connection of the SPOT-55 vehicle to two fire cocks or water hydrants.

    The crew of two inside the vehicle is protected against heat, radioactive contamination and fallout. The vehicle is equipped with TV a system, three radio stations and a local telephone circuit. The SPOT-55, capable of being remote-controlled up to the distance of 1,500 metres, is used by rescue and fire fighter units and by some civilian fire squads.

    Basic Technical Data
    Maximum weight: 45,000 kg
    Operation range: 170 km
    Maximum speed: 50 km/h
    Diesel four-stroke engine output: 425 kW
    Slope/gradient climbing capability: 20 °
    Fording depth: 1,400 mm
    Water stream capacity: 2,270 litres per minute
    Maximum distance of water stream
    With water: 65 m
    With foam: 50 m

    More photos on the website

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