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  • Fire and Ice Project – Topless Teegra sample #2

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    My second sample of Teegra without her top.

    What you’re watching is a sample of a project I’m working on to revise Ralph Bakshi’s Fire an Ice into a more mature version that I believe was originally intended. Using Photoshop, Premiere Pro and a few other tools, I have three main goals for this project:

    1. Leave Teegra topless for the majority of the movie
    2. Add the blood missing from the violent scenes
    3. Make all alterations look seamless and appear to be part of the original artwork

    It never made sense to me that Fire and Ice was made into a PG movie. This film was collaboration between Ralph Bakshi and artist Frank Frazetta. Frank was notorious for his depiction of nudity in his art, and Ralph specialized in making cartoons for adults. I love this movie, but it always felt as though someone higher up was pulling their strings to make something more “kid friendly”.

    And it occurred to me that with the right software, determination, and a shit load of time, one could alter as many frames as he needed to alter Fire and Ice into the movie it should have been.

    Unfortunately, this is going take at least a year to finish because I’m married with children and don’t really have a lot of time on my hands on a regular basis. Because of how long this will take, I’m looking for someone to join me on this project. I’ll continue with the nudity, but whoever joins me will be responsible for the animated blood. All I ask is that you be a skilled animated artist and that you know your way around Adobe Photoshop. I’ll extract the frames and send them along. Send them back with the changes and I’ll import them back in using Premiere Pro. If you’re interested please email me at

    There have been numerous reports that filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is planning to do a remake of Fire and Ice. He acquired the rights back in 2010. Hopefully we can get the project done around the time he releases the remake so we can take advantage of the extra hype.

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