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  • Filipino Youtube Singers Unite for Typhoon Relief (“The Prayer” for the Philippines)

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    Donate to Red Cross: Filipino YouTube singers unite for typhoon relief — a deeply touching collaboration of some of the best and most unique Philippine voices on YouTube (feat. viral stars such as Zendee ‘random girl’ & Aldrich Talonding).

    This very special charity video could not have happened were it not for the internet as more than a dozen Filipino YT singers combined voices for a cause.

    Conceptualized, arranged and edited by Derek Wanner (GRNMNGO)
    GRNMNGO – the viral company

    In the weeks since the historic super typhoon Haiyan caused such carnage in the Philippines, we have been working tirelessly to assemble together some of the most gifted Filipino singers that can be found online for a very special viral video collaboration.

    Filipinos have become renown the world over for their freakishly good singing ability, so it only made sense to put their vocal talents to use for the good of a country, which has had to endure so much of late. It took over 500 emails to put everything together from start to finish, but ultimately more than a dozen “Filipino YouTube singers” from across the globe enthusiastically dedicated their time and talents to this project, which is intended to help raise global awareness for the still ongoing need for aid and relief in the most hard hit areas in the country.

    Notable participants in this video include Zendee ‘the Random Girl’ Tenerefe and Aldrich Talonding, both of whom landed an appearance on the Ellen Show as a result of their respective viral videos. Zendee got the call from Ellen when a video of her singing Karaoke in a local mall chalked up millions of views on YouTube, while little Aldrich inspired Ellen to fly him in all the way from the Philippines on the strength of a crudely videotaped rendition of Dance with my Father, which was worthy of the late great Luther Vandross himself.

    A pair of American Idol ‘veterans’ are also in the mix in the form of Marvin Calderon Jr and Jett Hermano, while talented Filipino singers from as far away as Austria and Australia also took the time to record and send in footage of themselves singing different parts of ‘The Prayer’, a duet made famous by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli. The material was then painstakingly edited together and sound mastered to form an utterly moving and compelling ‘virtual choir’, which has plenty of zeitgeist due to only being made possible in the age of social media.

    The video closes with a heart-wrenching solo by the latest product of the Philippines to have gone viral internationally as a result of her penchant for singing – Joyce Jimenez, an 11-year-old blind girl from a far flung province in the Philippines, who captured the hearts of netizens around the world last month when her tender and soulful rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball.

    A full list of participants can be found below along with links to their respective YouTube channels.

    Maraming salamat po to the truly gifted artists who donated their talents and time without a moment’s hesitation. And a very big thank you to my friends and family for their generous contributions, without which this video would not have been possible.

    audio mix courtesy of Love One Another Studio (Manila)

    Full List of Artists:

    Zendee ‘the Random Girl’ Tenerefe (Philippines)

    Aldrich Lloyd Talonding (Philippines)

    Mark ‘Kram’ Agpas (Austria)

    Bryson Andres (Alaska)

    Mica Javier (Philippines)

    Ashley & Amanda (Canada)

    Cezka Mariz (Australia)

    Ryan Narciso (Canada)

    Jett Hermano (USA)

    Marielle ‘Yele’ Castro (Dubai)

    Marvin Calderon Jr (USA)

    Joyce Jimenez (Philippines)

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