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  • Férias Frustradas do Pica-Pau (Genesis) – Full Playthrough

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    Thank you ‘BlackZWolf’ for the translations.

    Wow… 1,000,000+ views… this is my very first video to hit that mark…
    *EDIT 2*
    Now it’s 1,500,000+ views… I question why this one gets that many and the rest of my videos don’t.

    For those that don’t know, it roughly translates into “Woody Woodpecker’s Frustrated Vacations.” or something like that.

    Right… I don’t know why I decided to make this a playthrough, but… as the same time, I didn’t want to, but… someone has to do it, as I haven’t seen any other playthroughs of this, other than gameplays of the first level and such.

    This game came out only in Brazil, so I have no idea what any of the text means, unless someone who knows Brazil can translate the messages?

    Anyway… This is played on Hard Mode, which removes your recovery time and also you can’t peck continuously. Now… with no recovery time, you can pretty much die very quickly if you remain on a enemy or hazard, this also can lead to some places which are very annoying to bypass, naming Stage 3 as a prime example.

    Who though it was a good idea to put enemies near pits? I mean… when you take damage, you get knocked back, and if you get sent over a pit, chances are you will die unless you get lucky enough to land somewhere safe. You will encounter this on the first stage, THE FIRST STAGE OF THE GAME!

    Now… about jumping, I think the video might explain it better.

    (Stage List)
    Intro – 0:09

    Stage 1-1 – 0:42
    Stage 1-2 – 2:00
    Stage 1-3 – 3:19
    Boss 1 – 3:30
    Cutscene 1 – 4:03

    Stage 2-1 – 4:24
    Stage 2-2 – 6:00
    Boss 2 – 7:14
    Cutscene 2 – 8:03

    Stage 3-1 – 8:16
    Stage 3-2 – 11:35
    Boss 3 – 12:23
    Cutscene 3 – 12:55

    Bonus Stage – 13:10

    Stage 4-1 – 13:45
    Stage 4-2 – 15:40
    Boss 4 – 16:34
    Cutscene 4 – 17:35

    Stage 5 – 17:46
    Cutscene 5 – 20:34

    Stage 6 – 20:46
    Boss 5 – 23:12
    Credits – 24:17

    I had to do these in parts as Fraps, like I said before, doesn’t like making huge files.

    I just love the bats in Stage 2 coming out of nowhere giving me a cheap hit.

    The skiing part was perhaps one of the most annoying stages to deal with, no recovery time + rocks = Bad. Also, even if you try to clear the rocks, if they are near a pit, your pretty much going to fall to your death. Make sure you have ENOUGH health to tackle this level. Thank god for the Bonus Stage to get my health back up for Stage 4.

    The part in Stage 6 before the Boss… who’s idea was it to put both a Fan and a Trap door there?! It’s almost impossible to pass that due to not having recovery time, unless you peck at the RIGHT moment to avoid getting hit by the fan, oh, and even if you peck, you STILL can take damage after your stop even if your not directly touching whatever, which can make this level very Frustrating to deal with.

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