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  • Fart on First Date Prank

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    I could not have done this without the help of some amazing friends. It took a lot of guts for them to do this :)

    My friend David Peterson of “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” gave me permission to use the song “Scrape the Sky – Instrumental’. The song in this video is from their new album.

    Watch the Behind The Scenes:

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    So if you have read this far, you know what that means…you’re an Edgie! (A true Stuart Edge fan) To be honest, this was really THE most nerve racking video. Farting is such a weird thing, and rarely do you do it around people you don’t know very well. A lot of people ask how the dates went after all of this. They were actually some of the best dates they had been on. I guess it just helped them be super comfortable the rest of the date.
    I’m sure you laughed a lot while you were watching this vid, and I wish I could have been there to see it. I love watching people’s reactions when they watch my videos for the first time. Next time you see I posted a new vid, try recording yourself watching it for the first time, and then post it as a video response to that video!

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