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  • Facts That Will Make You Nicer

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    Turns out, being a Scrooge is really bad for you!

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    Song: LoFi Ark by D!rty Porcelain


    Footage Used With Permission by Shutterstock Inc.

    Volunteers plant flowers at Old Hickory Lake/U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

    Bunny Cuddle/Alex

    new friends/Vincent Huang

    3 elephant seals cuddling – awwwww/g1ll

    snuggling horned owls/devra

    Female employee of Dominion Arsenals Ltd. writing letter../BiblioArchives

    Letter from Dora to Clara-age8- 1917/David Lisbona

    Dean of Bendigo Letter/Laineys Repertoire

    elizabeths Letter/Laineys Repertoire

    McDonald Letter/Laneys Repertoire

    My Dear Son/Laineys Repertoire

    Old Letter/Laineys Repertoire

    Letter from Captain A.G. Butler regarding his DSO, 1918. page 1 of 4/Ellen Thompson

    letter from köhn/studiomuscle

    Clifton B. Cates Letter, 14-16 June 1918, Page 1 of 8/USMC Archives

    handwritten letter/Joanna Bourne

    Volunteers in Southbridge, Mass. for NPLD/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Get Together 3/Parker Knight

    Get Together 19/Parker Knight

    Best Friends/Cailtin Regan

    richard otherwise will give you a present/Nadya Peek

    Friendship/Cristiano Betta


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