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  • Facebook Fatigue

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    Facebook Fatigue afflicts approximately one billion people. But what if you could filter out anything that makes you unhappy?

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    Written by Erika Cervantes (
    Directed by Emily McGregor (
    Produced by Suzy Pasqualetto (
    Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes ( & Linda Yvette Chavez (


    Stephanie Bentley as Facebook Spokesperson (
    Marissa Cuevas as Teenager
    Alex Patino as Dad
    Sam Weller as Baby-Hating Dude (
    Sujata Day as Single Girl (

    Director of Photography – Yuki Noguchi (
    Original Score by Chris Thomas (
    Edited by Emily McGregor & Erika Cervantes
    Sound Mix by Sean Oakley (
    Grip – Luis M. Navarro (
    Make-up Artist – Marisol de la Torre
    Production Sound – Ryan Bertolami

    Wedding Photos By Russell Gearhart (

    Comediva. Fiercely Funny.

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