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  • Eye Opening Facts About Vaginas

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    What do sharks and vaginas have in common?
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    High Rider
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    picture of a woman’s open legs over white
    Viorel Sima/ Shutterstock, Inc.

    Potato plants
    SeDmi / Shutterstock, Inc.

    Megalodon on White – The Megalodon is an extinct megatoothed shark that existed in prehistoric times, from the Oligocene to the Pleistocene Epochs.
    Catmando / Shutterstock, Inc.

    Surprised businesswoman with nerd glasses
    BigLike Images / Shutterstock, Inc.

    Derek Keats / Lagoon, underwater, Fiji — 4

    Lagoon, underwater, Fiji -- 4

    net_efekt / Theatre stage

    Film footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., used by permission

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