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  • Etios Motor Racing India

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    From the streets, to the race track. From pushing speed limits, to testing our limits. From rush hour traffic, to the adrenaline rush of the circuit. From the Etios stable, come two thoroughbred race cars. Cars in which aerodynamic chassis design, track-derived handling, and the passion of Toyota engineers who live for performance, come together with every blip of the throttle. Etios Motor Racing has arrived, in top gear. All you’ve got to do is suit up, and wait for the lights to change.

    Toyota Racing Development

    One of the most accomplished and acclaimed engineering companies in motorsports, Toyota Racing Development(TRD) has indeed earned its place in motorsport history. From the conception of Toyota Technocraft(TRD Japan) in 1954 to the current endeavours of TRD, racing has been integral to Toyota’s DNA. TRD has been developing cutting-edge race engine technology for a wide range of motorsport activities. And now, TRD is bringing its expertise to racing fanatics in India,through Etios Motor Racing.

    What’s in Store?

    Etios Motor Racing has a plethora of activities that include a driver training programme, mega road shows featuring the TRD powered Etios and Etios Liva racing cars, and exhibition races. What’s more, aspiring racing drivers all over India will soon get a shot at never-before excitement with the Etios Motor Racing Trophy – a one-make race championship organised and managed by Toyota. Learn more at:

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