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  • Epic Person Swap Prank

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    K, so if you stuck around to the end, you heard me talk about a contest! Here are the details:
    I am going to choose a few people to come film some videos with me. I’ll go to your area and we will film some fun stuff! Make an Instagram, Vine, or YouTube video SHOWING me why you think you would be good for this. Maybe it’s a magic trick, funny prank, a remake of one of my videos, a joke, a story…whatever you want. (I would really like to see some service type videos!) Don’t just tell me what it is…I think it’ll be cooler actually seeing you do it! Tweet it to me with #edgemania. Be sure to be following me on twitter, cause I will direct message the winners.The sooner you get started, the better chance you have of me seeing your stuff! Thanks guys you rock!

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